About Us, Our Factories & Fair Trade

We are a BSCI, SEDEX & ISO 9001:2015 certified leather goods manufacturer and importer. We use quality inspected processed leather to manufacture our product range. Our product range includes Hand Painted Leather Handbags but we also have the ability to offer these products in customized options & artwork as per our buyers specific requirements.

 While products are what the customers see, consistent product quality can only be achieved with top quality people. We believe in that philosophy & reward people for both creativity & productivity.

Promoting Fair Trade with Artisans

We ensure fair prices that are mutually agreed upon with our artisans, while providing support with ideas and help to direct their immense talent in staying contemporary and relevant to a changing world & the Marketplace.

Rewarding Partnerships

By choosing to directly support artisans and craft based organizations, we help create a cycle of demand that nurtures hope, trust and long term relationships in the artisan communities.